The Mikel Coffee Company is an international branded chain of coffee stores. Mikel was established in 2008 in Larissa, Greece, offering a unique experience in high quality new coffee flavors and introducing a comprehensive and innovative customer service experience. Since then, Mikel has witnessed rapid growth which is outlined both in the quality of its products, its excellent customer service, as well as providing a very hospitable atmosphere throughout all its coffee stores worldwide. Its goals and strategy have evolved over time, but the core principles underpinning the functionality of its global operations along with its International Franchise Development system remain unaltered: – Respect for the customer and their absolute satisfaction – Commitment to provide the highest quality of the products and services – Team spirit, integrity and morality are all core values that characterize all its employees Year when the company was founded: 2008 Native country of company: Greece

International Presence

Greece, Cyprus, KSA, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, N. Macedonia, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Soon to come openings in Iraq, California, Florida, Germany, Spain, India, and China.

KSA’s Master Franchisee

The First Elias Company is a Saudi limited liability company, established in 2018 in Jeddah. It is specialized in serving food, beverages, catering and food supplies. The company aims to enhance its services & products to compete with major brands in the kingdom. In partnership with the famous Greek Mikel Brand with its high-quality products and fine service in luxurious cafés around the world. In 2018 we became the master franchisee of Mikel in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and subsequently representing its interests in the kingdom.

Our Approach

You could also call this heading “Our philosophy” or “Our vision.” This is the place to talk about what drives you and your business and what’s unique about your process. What you write here should be something distinct and interesting about your business that sets it apart from others in the same industry.

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, and this is where you talk about yours. People want to know what opportunity you saw or how your passion led to the creation of something new. Talk about your roots–people wanna know you have some.

Why Mikel ?

We focus on the perfection of our products and services that we offer, through the full control of the entire productions process:
– Selection of coffee beans via expert master roasters
– A unique blend of 100% Espresso Arabica coming from the finest harvests of South and Central America, Africa, and India.
– Extensive range of high-quality machinery
– Maintaining strict control over the brewing phase
– High quality staff training

“Our priority is to provide high quality products and services in Greece and globally.”

Our Mission

We strive to deliver a unique coffee experience to all customers everyday in any Mikel shop through:

• Selection of 100% Arabica Coffee Beans, coming from the finest harvests of South and Central America, Africa and India. Rich and Unique blend of Espresso.
• Superior Quality of Equipment.
• High Standards of Quality Control in All Production Stages.
• Continuous Training of our People.

Our Philosophy

“Our whole philosophy lies in…

A cup of colors

A blend of aromas

A warm welcome

A glimpse from the past

A beautiful and exciting tradition”

We carry a complete line of espresso based beverages as well as delicious snacks inspired by traditional home-made recipes.

Our stores offer a welcoming, cozy place with cross-cultural aesthetics, providing excellent service and comfort

Our Staff

The philosophy, principles and values of Brand Mikel start from our employees, who are the extension of the company’s values to customers. That’s why Mike! employees are the ambassadors of the brand in every country there is a Mikel store. Special emphasis is placed on continuing education at specially configured schools. By following specific training protocols, Mike! ensures the stability of the educational process both for the trainer and for the trainee.