The Mikel Coffee Company’s ceaseless global expansion since its humble beginnings in late 2008 has become an international Greek coffee chain icon to many consumers and franchisees worldwide.

Mikel brings us all together from all walks of life in a plethora of interactivity as a key meeting place for socializing, exchanging ideas, and indulging in some of the best products we offer to our beloved customers.

With an undeniable presence across all 5 continents and a store count exceeding 350 stores globally, the Mikel Coffee Company has become a force within the global branded coffee chain market.

Mikel News

Mikel in Wanter land
Grand opening of the newest Mikel Coffee Shop at Mall of Arabia
New Drink

We are constantly looking for individuals who are passionate, self-motivated, adaptable, creative and team-oriented.

As we continue to grow, we identify and embrace young Saudi individuals whose values complement ours and help us achieve our goals.